Ch House of Softy Ajax

House of Softy Pixel

Ch Villa Rosa Slaney HOS

Ch Honeyrag's Island Duke of Villa Rosa

Villa Rosas Laoise

House of Softy Eviva

Villa Rosas Maddyn

Fibrac's Rose

House of Softy Rihanna

Ch Mother's Finest Beyond the Best

Ch Extra's Valentino

Ch Mother's Finest Little Witch

Ch Mother's Finest Yeah a Summer Jam

Ch Never Lasting's Phenomenal Hodge

Ch Mother's Finest Heaven sent Holly

Ch Buckwheat Little Girl with a Curl

Ch House of Softy Hamilton

Ch Cameron Hunnicut

Ch Windisle Don Hugo

Ch Extra's Pomperipossa

Fibrac's Rose

Jesena the Artful Dodga

Ch Fibrac's Felicita

Ch Buckwheat Little Dorrit

Ch Windisle Inycon

Ch Lindywheat's Chili Combo

Ch Wheaten Rebel's Rock Me Ruby

Ch Buckwheat Miss Moneypenny

Ch Wheaten Island's Gorgeous Quincy

Ch Buckwheat Helga Hufflepuff